IMpowered Fitness is committed to helping you achieve the ultimate healthy lifestyle you want and deserve.

In an effort to keep you motivated, on track, and dialed into your fitness objectives we have created IMPowered Fitness Live! our “No Excuses” Virtual Fitness Training program

Similar to our other programs, this is tailored to your level of fitness, time, needs, goals, and motivations.

You can drop in for a fitness class, have a private or couples workout, join our community of like-minded lifestyle enthusiasts, or work with the Coach in a one-on-one virtual setting to overcome pitfalls and obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving your success.

Our Virtual Fitness is coach led to ensure you receive the same top-level “eyes on” training experience for optimum results.  This is not another follow-along video to watch.

We asked why our Virtual Training program works for our client community, and this is what they’ve said:

  • My gym or studio isn’t open, and your high-intensity online training program rocks
  • I need and want the motivation of the coach to push me further, it makes a huge difference
  • I need the accountability of my peers and the coach expecting me to show up
  • Your online training program takes away all my (not) great excuses
  • I only have a short time for “Me”, since I juggle the household, kids, and husband
  • This is so convenient and affordable; I can’t pass it up
  • I want to burn my calories before or after I go to work to keep myself mentally and physically fit
  • I want personal attention, but a one-on-one trainer isn’t in my budget today
  • I don’t want to be with a bunch of other people looking at me at the gym
  • I really like exercising in the comfort of my home or yard
  • I like to exercise in my pajamas, without brushing my teeth or getting dressed up for the gym
  • I like the short workout time because Its easy to schedule into my day and I have no excuse

Ladies, if any of these sound like something you can relate too, then this is the exercise program for you.

Unlimited classes for $99

We are sensitive to the current social climate and economy and want to help do our part to keep you well.

IMpowered Fitness provides the solution for women who desire a workout and atmosphere formulated just for them. High workout intensity levels to be personally challenged, no makeup and no judgment atmosphere, a strong culture of women’s networking, personal support from coaches, and positive motivation.

Enroll with us today and experience the benefits of IMpowered Fitness Virtual Training.