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Attention: Ambitious Women Who Have Next To No Time To Focus On Fitness

Join the ranks of the Women’s Fitness Revolution. Take back your time and your body to become a more IMpowered You in 2021.

As a busy woman, it’s easy to neglect your fitness. Spending eight (or more) hours in the office every day…

Sometimes it makes going to the gym or working out at home feel like an uphill battle. Another hour of your busy day!

That’s why we’re starting a revolution to take back our time and make working out more exciting than ever!

Enter IMpowered Womens Fitness.

What does it mean to be IMPowered?

It means you are supported by a group of ambitious, like-minded women.

It means you have an outlet for an intense workout...no matter when or where.

It means you’re part of a nurturing community that builds you up into a healthier, more confident you.

Test drive your first month of small group virtual classes for only $1.00
No strings, No contracts, No risk, Just results.
We guarantee it!

It's NOT Your Typical "Virtual Gym".

Online gyms are great...when they are tailored to your needs.  The problem is: most virtual programs fail to do that.

There’s very little personal interaction. Next to no accountability. 

And the workouts themselves are little more than a bunch of videos. You might as well go to YouTube...

IMpowered Womens Fitness takes the idea of a virtual gym and turns it into an experience unlike any other..

It's Like Going To The Gym...But At Home.

When you’re taking classes or have a training session at a gym, you have your trainer’s personal attention. They are invested in your goals.

There's also something to say about the energy you get when you're working out with others.

At IMpowered Womens Fitness, all classes meet live...just as they would be in-person. 

Every woman there has the same goal as you: to take back their time and maintain their fitness.

There are multiple 30-minute live sessions every single day. Just pick a time that works for you and show up.

It’s no different than going to a class at the gym...except there’s no need to drive. Each workout can be done from the comfort of your home or even your office. It's really is that simple!  

What You Get As An IMpowered Woman.

As a member of the IMpowered Womens Network, you have complete access to a wide range of classes that go above and beyond a typical group workout.

You are also part of a one-of-a-kind community of like-minded women dedicated to IMpowerment, success, fitness, and health.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll have access to as an IMpowered member of the community:

Convenient 30-minute virtual training sessions...both personal and with a group!

A huge library of full-body workouts that you can do from the comfort of home. (We are always adding new exercises!)

Lifestyle coaching to motivate and guide you towards greater health and wellness

Relax and unwind with a free Yoga class every week.

...and much more!

We don’t just want to make it easier for you to meet your fitness goals. We want to elevate your confidence and transform your life through new friendships and healthier living.

It's More Than A Gym...It's A Community.

One of the best things about going to a gym is the sense of community.

The friendships. The networking. The accountability. Those are all missing from virtual experiences...until now.

As a member of the IMpowered Women’s Network, you will have access to:

Joining IMpowered Womens Fitness is a great first step in getting your time back and evolving into a healthier and more confident “you”!

But Don't Just Take It From Me, Here's What Others Have To Say...

“It all started with a “hey wanna try a new workout routine?”

Fast forward many years later and I am totally hooked on the fitness routine that Greg introduced me to.  He is very good at asking about and listening to your fitness strengths, weakness, goals and challenges. The workout that he provides is never the same thing twice which helps to keep you going. If there is an activity that you can do during the workout, he is creative in finding something else for you that still gets your heart pumping and your muscles working. 

You hear about “boot camps” and you might worry about being yelled at so you may hesitate to attend. I have found that Greg’s boot camps/workouts are fun, creative, hard work but you are never made to feel inferior if you can’t do what everyone else is doing.  He is encouraging and fun throughout your fitness journey but will still kick your booty when he knows you can handle it.”.

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Lisa T.

"He over delivered on my expectations."

“I first asked Coach Greg about weight loss and fitness a couple years ago because he seemed to be open to what I needed and not just giving me the same program as other fitness people were offering.  He over delivered on my expectations. His workouts are personally tailored to my needs. 

He motivates me and keeps me accountable to his motto of “No excuses”. 

I didn’t always like it then, but I certainly like how I look and feel and mostly how my husband has responded to the ‘New me’. 

Thank you, Coach Greg. Let’s keep it going!”.

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Cindy S.

Are You Ready To Get IMpowered?

We want to continue to be the most valuable virtual gym for women in the world.

Our strong community is a big part of that...and you would make it even stronger.

So we've made a big decision...

Test drive your first month for only $1.00

And when you are ready to join, we will offer you 50% off your second month!!!  How great is that?

Monthly Unlimited: $99 -> $49 for your second month.
(A two month savings of $148)


2 classes per week: $69 -> $34 for your second month.
(A two month savings of $70)

But Wait...There's More!

All newly IMpowered women (regardless of membership) also get the following...

1 - “4 Easy Steps To Lasting And Life Changing Habits” - Forming strong habits is hard. This eBook breaks down this process into 4 easy steps. Once you read this, you will know exactly how to start changing habits for the better.

2 - Free Kickstart Coaching Call - This 30-minute call will help you set your goals, create an action plan, and shift your mindset.

3 - Access To Our Private Member Facebook Group - We can’t stress enough how important community is. In this exclusive group, members share wins, build lasting connections, and give rock-solid support to each other.

P.S. - Want to see first hand what our classes are like before you join? Schedule a free class now!

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