The words and letters, ‘IM’ represent self and strength.  When someone states ‘I am’ they are making a declaration.  The goal for the capital IM is to read it as loud strong and confident.  The motivation and encouragement of the culture will support the ‘IM (I am)’ statement. IM Strong, IM Courageous, IM taking action, IM a Survivor…

IMpowered Fitness and Lifestyle is the premier Women Only Fitness experience, headquartered in Tustin California. This is where fitness boot camp meets ladies’ night out.

Our company mission is to celebrate the power of women through a holistic lifestyle fitness solutions that include:

  • Power of intense proprietary workouts
  • Motivational atmosphere
  • An environment of ‘women-only’ networking and fellowship

Our company culture is based on treating ALL people with respect, courtesy, and a high level of personal service.

We provide solutions for women who desire a workout and atmosphere formulated just for them. Members should expect:

  • High workout intensity levels to be personally challenged
  • A no judgment atmosphere
  • A strong culture of women’s networking
  • A “third” place away from home or work just for themselves

Join us at IMpowered Womens Fitness and Lifestyle today.  Click here to schedule a free consultation.